Executive Board

President: Amrita BanerjeeAB-NSPN

Amrita is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology and studies microbiome-host crosstalk in the intestinal tract. Her goal is to enhance VSPG’s contribution to the science advocacy community active in Tennessee.



Vice President: Coleman Harrisheadshot1

Coleman is a 2nd year Biostatistics PhD student, interested in the intersection of statistics, data science, and health policy. He is currently supported by the BIDS (Big Biomedical Data Science) Training Grant to gain exposure in the field of Biomedical Informatics.



JacobRudenHeadshotTreasurer: Jacob Ruden

Jacob is a Neuroscience PhD Candidate who is passionate about neurodegenerative disease research. He wants to ensure that our legislators are crafting policy based on sound data.



Secretary: Maria AgostiniAgostini_Maria

Maria is a PhD candidate in Microbiology investigating antivirals to emerging infections. She is passionate about advocating for the importance of science research through science communication and community engagement.

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